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Mortgage Setters
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All financing options to meet Your Individual Needs
Mortgage Setters offers a number of affordable financing options and flexible qualifying criteria. We make buying easy and affordable.
No Money Down
__These are deal using creative financing. There are many creative programs using mortgages,
seller financing, and others creative financing
that conform to these deals. Many properties and sellers are willing to make these deals.
Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)
__The interest rate and monthly payments change at predetermined periodic intervals based on adjustments in market interest rates. i.e.. every 6 months, yearly, every 3 years, or every 5 years. ARMs offer a lower initial interest rate, which then adjusts periodically delivering a powerful combination of flexibility and potential savings.
FHA Loans
__The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) helps many potential homebuyers, including many first-time purchasers, by insuring mortgage. FHA-backed mortgages let you make a smaller down payment while also allowing you to finance some of the fees.
VA Loans
__The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) guarantees mortgage for eligible veterans. Their program allows qualified veterans to purchase a home with no down payment in certain cases.
Fixed Rate Mortgages
__These mortgages provide the security of stable interest rate and monthly payment of principal and interest throughout the life of the loan. Fixed rate mortgages are available for 30 years, 25 years, 20 years, 15 years and even 10 years
Construction Financing Programs
__Construction and Permanent end loan financing programs along with long term rate locks are available to help you build your dream home.

__These are popular option for homeowners who want lower monthly payments, a shorter mortgage loan term, or to take advantage of the equity in their homes. Take up to 100% of the value in your home and make it work for you. In addition, since your loan is tied to your equity, there is a good chance your payments could be Tax deductible. Therefore, you may save even More.

No Income Verification- Bad / No Credit O.K.
____These mortgages provide those who have had credit problems, no-credit, un-verifiable income, and foreign nations. With 20% - 30% down, and a few documents make buying easier than most would expect.

The Advantages of Pre-approved Loan
Let Mortgage Setters pre-approve your loan application, (at no charge) before you go shopping for a home. This allows you to look for a home with the confidence of knowing you are pre-approved. Your offer will be more attractive to sellers and it allows you to lock in a mortgage rate that is in effect for up to 60-90 days while you shop for your dream home.
This is a basic mortgage calculator, and is designed to be used as a guideline only. There may be several factors that will affect your final mortgage payment. Please contact Mortgage Setters for more details.



If the price of the listing is ,
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with an Annual Interest Rate of %,
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